Summer Time Madness…

It’s summer time and the smell of fresh mangoes is all that’s really enriching the otherwise lull atmosphere in the country… As India grapples with it’s second wave of coronavirus, the situation is pretty distressing all around with everyone we know of having lost a close family member or relative.

Nevertheless, life has to go on and so are our operations as it’s the season to pickle our favourite summer fruit : mango!

There are numerous different ways to pickle mangoes , and in every nook and corner of India, you would encounter a unique mango pickle which not only tastes but also looks equally different. There is a flavour guaranteed for you, irrespective of whether you like a sweet , sour or tangy taste.

As both my dadi (paternal grandmother) and nani (maternal grandmother) are my inspiration for starting this brand, and they both are from Punjab, the mango pickles at The Pickle Co. are primarily Punjabi in taste, but this year we are planning to introduce a new Gujarati flavour as we have realised that this country loves mangoes.

Our Khatta Meetha Aam Pickle, as the name suggests is sweet and sour in taste and the flavour is enhanced with pieces of ginger, garlic and obviously grandma’s love! On the other hand, our Punjabi Mango Pickle is loaded with masala and is for those of you, who love pickles towards the spicier side.If you are a pickle lover like me , I can assure you that you will love this pickle. It goes well with everything from roti and fancy sabzi to a simple meal of dal and rice, or just with a salted parantha as well.

Adding a cheerful vibe to our table setup this season, is this terrazzo plate from

Traditional Punjabi Mango Pickle on Blue Terrazzo Plate

Designed in an interesting mosaic pattern, this plate can be used as a salad or even a dessert plates. With abstract designs and a multitude of colours, this plate complements our pickles perfectly and can add the missing spark to your dining table this summer as well.

Just as The Pickle Co. was born out of the sheer love and longing for grandma’s culinary masterpieces along with the desire to take the culture of pickling forward to the future generations, Nestasia was conceptualised after travels to South East Asian Countries to bring out each country’s unique culture and spread it to Indian homes.

From handwoven baskets and artistically crafted clay pots to colourful cushion covers, rugs , organisers and containers, they pretty much house it all, to turn your residence into a beautiful home. You can shop all this and more at

I hope that our delicious pickles along with some beautiful home decor would add the missing glimmer of colour taste and happiness to your home this summer.

Please stay indoors and get vaccinated so that we all can beat COVID-19 at the earliest and get back to “the normal” which we can only dream of right now!

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