The right way to store pickles !

Pickles commonly known as “achaar” in India are vegetables stored in oil or vinegar. No Indian meal is complete without little pickle on the side. A well made achaar turns a boring meal into a treat and adds the much needed spice to enhance the flavors of a simple home cooked meal. 

Pickles need love and care just like a child! Taking the following steps will ensure that your pickle stays healthy and lives a long life :- 

  1. Sun-dry the vegetables thoroughly before adding spices to them . It is essential to dry the water contained in the fruits or vegetables which you intend to pickle.
  2. Before grinding your spices, roast them to enhance the flavour and remove moisture. 
  3. Any amount of moisture can spoil a pickle and lead to the development of fungus. Make sure to wipe your spoon properly before dipping it in your pickle jar. 
  4. Due to the same reason cited above, a pickle should be stored in a cool and dry place without any moisture. 
  5. Shake your pickle jar from time to time to ensure that it is always covered with a layer of oil. Oil acts as a natural preservative and prevents the pickle from going dry from the top. 

Taking the above steps will ensure that your pickle tastes fresh and has a good shelf life. 

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